Preparation for Natural Childbirth

Jennifer Hook

Jennifer Hook, Certified Doula

Many women today still value the decision to birth their babies without the aid of anesthetics.  For many, birthing naturally is a deeply satisfying experience that is cherished throughout one's lifetime.  The birth of one's baby is a life changing event and participation is such a miracle is truly fulfilling.

Although birth is quite the brilliant phenomenon, the endeavor a woman must take to achieve this can be challenging.  Not only does a woman need the knowledge surrounding labor, delivery and postpartum; she also must possess the tools necessary to find deep within herself the strength needed to complete the journey.
Class Curriculum:

~ Emphasize the significance of the partner’s role, providing him/her with skills and knowledge to enrich the birthing experience.

~ Pain coping practices and techniques through a guided labor simulation.

~ Relaxation and comfort practices using massage, aromatherapy, music, and breath awareness.

~ Creative ways to labor - building a new pain coping mindset.

~ Creative journaling and art.

~ If you must have a cesarean, learn how to have a more positive experience.

~ Become familiar with the terminology, process and stages of labor and birth.

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