Lauren & Mary

  "Having Dr. Wendy as both our family Naturopath and our Midwife has been one of those things that has just felt right every step of the way.  
     She supported me in having a beautiful, smooth pregnancy and birth.  She has also helped us navigate multiple health issues over the past few years from a tick bite, to an ovarian cyst, to several different infections.  
     I am personally deeply committed to optimizing my health by supporting my body's inherent ability to heal.  And, this being said, I know there are situations when modern medicine is the best option.  I felt total support from Wendy in this approach to my health.  She has always listened to our needs and done everything possible to assist us in having a natural birth just as we had envisioned.  When I got a life-threatening infection after the birth, Wendy recognized it immediately and prescribed antibiotics.  She knew I would be reluctant to take them, but she was firm, in her gentle way, that it was a very serious situation.  She reassured me that any transference to my daughter through my breast milk could be mitigated with infant probiotics.  I now feel great and my daughter is also very healthy.  

I am immensely grateful for the immediacy and clarity with which she responded to the situation.  I have complete trust in Dr. Wendy because she knows how to be hands-off, but also when to intervene.  She gets to know her patients and provides individualized care based on who they are and what they value.  We all recommend her highly as a Naturopath and a Midwife.   
We love you Wendy!
Lauren, Saul and Mary Twylla"

"Our survival as a species depends on our ability to recognize that our well-being and the well-being of others are, in fact, the same thing."
Marshall Rosenberg

Mary & Eshai 


   "I gave birth to our oldest son, Judah, at Ashland Community Hospital.  It was a good, quasi-crunchy experience - but not the birth experience I had hoped for.  Before I was even discharged, my husband and I talked about how we wanted a home birth the next time around.
     Fast forward two years.
     When my husband and I started to talk about trying to conceive again, I began to research home birth options in Southern Oregon and the midwives that practice such.  I emailed and called a plethora of practices and talked to many amazing women.
     Dr. Wendy appealed to me from the start, as she was a Naturopathic Doctor as well as a midwife; she could address any health issues that arose with me outside the scope of pregnancy as well as prescribe for me if necessary.  When I met with her for our first consult, I brought with me a notebook with literally over 
a hundred questions - she answered all of them transparently and humbly.  I monopolized her for well over an hour and not once did she seem impatient, hurried or distracted; an attitude which was a huge selling point for me.  Dr. Wendy's gentle, calming energy was something I easily connected with and decided I wanted her with me on the journey of my second pregnancy. 
     Kalista Wellness Center is a welcoming practice that is fantastically family-friendly.  My then-two-and-a-half year old son accompanied me to all of my prenatal appointments.  Dr. Wendy always allowed Judah to be participatory in the pregnancy.  When appropriate, she would include him in the conversation, ask him questions and actively engage him.  After only two visits my son began regularly asking me when we were going to see Dr. Wendy next.  Those prenatal appointments were very special bonding times for us.
     During my time in Dr. Wendy's care I felt as though she was my 'companion' or 'helpmate' in the pregnancy; a very different experience from that with the OBGYNs who I dealt with my first pregnancy.  I felt she supported me as I trusted my own body.  If there were things that I was unsure of, I felt confident in her experience, knowledge and direction.  Dr. Wendy is very self-assured, but not the least bit cavalier.  I guess you could say that Dr. Wendy made me feel "safe" as I listened to what my body was telling me and was an invaluable filter when I was uncertain.
     My home birth experience with Dr. Wendy was everything and more than I and my husband had hoped it would be.  When she arrived at our home, Dr. Wendy brought with her a welcomed and contagious serenity.  I am a very private person and loved how her presence in our home felt "right" and non-invasive - like she belonged there.  Honestly, Dr. Wendy felt as much like a trusted family member as she did my healthcare provider.  As I labored, Dr. Wendy seemed to instinctively know where I was at in the process simply by listening to the changing tone of my vocalizations.  And during transition, when it was SO hard to focus, Dr. Wendy gently guided me through what I needed to do and *not* do.  She was not forceful or pushy, but she *was* decisively commanding and assured.  I did not experience a single iota of anxiety during the entire birth and greatly attribute that to the soothing presence of my midwife. 
     My second son, Eshai, was delivered by Dr. Wendy in my bed with the room washed gold by the afternoon sun.  He was 9 lbs, 12 oz. with a full head of thick, black hair.  Thanks to Dr. Wendy it was a magical, primal and empowering experience - everything a birth *should* be."
Cassie & Elena

"We started seeing Dr. Wendy for our infertility. We were thrilled to conceive and continued to see her for my pregnancy.

When my pregnancy became high risk and my health started to go downhill, Dr. Wendy took the best care of me and my unborn child, working all hours of the day and even night to keep track of me and help us even as we had to see an OB as back up. Blessedly my health recovered enough that we were cleared to have a home birth with Dr. Wendy! She was amazing, peaceful, calm and trusting in my ability to birth my child and creating the birth space I needed to labor. She was professional, intuitive, considerate, caring and all we could ever hope for in a birth professional and care provider. My daughter was born healthy and happy at home, and we are proud to claim Dr. Wendy as our midwife and our family doctor. She takes amazing care of us and we refer everyone we know to her. "

Sara & Maya

"We LOVE Dr. Wendy. Very knowledge with a sweet and gentle bedside manner. Excellent pre-natal care, we had an amazing home birth experience (Yes, she delivers on Christmas Day!) and fabulous aftercare. We are now continuing with pediatric care. I'm so grateful to Dr. Wendy and Haley for taking such good care of us during such a special time. We cannot recommend her enough!!"

Alicia & Brier


  "Thank you so much for helping to bring our little bundle of pure joy into the world, Dr. Wendy and Hillary! My large support team was made more than welcome. Most importantly, the one small issue that arose during labor was dealt with just perfectly by Dr. Wendy - her expertise and calm demeanor made it easy for me to relax and trust, which makes for a much smoother (and fast!) labor and delivery. Can't thank you enough - we'll always be grateful for a wonderful experience."

Elizabeth & Carson

    "I knew I wanted to do a natural birth but I was hesitant because this was our first baby and I did not know how my body would react. After seeing Wendy deliver my nephew last summer and having one meeting with her, I had complete confidence that Dr. Wendy was the gal for me! I asked a million questions every prenatal visit and she answered every question. I was confident that she knew exactly what she was doing. I had high blood pressure toward the end of my pregnancy and was afraid I was not going to be able to deliver at the birth center but Wendy did everything she could to get my blood pressure down. By my son's birth day it was right where it needed to be. 
There were many times during my labor that I wanted to just give up. He was sunny side up and ALL my labor was in my back. I told Dr.Wendy and Hillary multiple times that I just wanted to give up but they encouraged me and stuck by my side the whole time. They encouraged me the entire laboring process and during birth and encouraged my husband. My husband felt completely comfortable with them, which is a big plus for us! I could not have done it without them or my husband. After about 8 hours of hard labor and 2 hours of pushing I birthed my son weighing 11lbs 7oz and even though he got stuck, Wendy handled it like a champ, got my baby out safely and never made me feel like we were ever in danger. I had some complications after my son was born and Wendy knew exactly what to do. I felt 100% confident in every decision Dr. Wendy made. Her and Hillary made every effort to make my anxious family waiting in the waiting room feel involved and comfortable the entire time. The new birthing rooms are absolutely amazing and make you feel so at home and so comfortable.
I continue to use her as my doctor now and know with the next pregnancy I will use no one else. We love Dr. Wendy and everyone involved with the Kalista Wellness & Birth Sanctuary!"

Elizabeth & Evelyn
     "Dr. Wendy made such an impression on our little family, starting with her prenatal exams and welcoming our 1.5 year old into the visits. She engaged him personally making she he wasn't left out and letting him listen to baby's heart beat. She also made my husband feel very comfortable during labor and delivery. Excellent birth experience."

Natalie & Addison
     "Dr. Wendy Green was knowledgeable and personable throughout my pregnancy, labor, delivery and post partum care. We continue to use her as my daughter's pediatrician. I highly recommend Dr. Wendy!"

Savannah & Saoirse

I'm forever grateful for the wonderful care I received from Dr. Wendy throughout my second pregnancy.  I was thrilled to find Dr. Wendy after learning I was pregnant again right after my family moved to this area.  I love the fact that she's both a Naturopathic Doctor and Midwife.  Dr. Wendy has an amazing and uplifting energy about her.  She's so easy to talk to!  It's clear to see how much she loves caring for others.  On top of that, her clinic is beautiful, warm and welcoming.

There was always enough time during prenatal visits to have any of my questions addressed.  My three year old son was always welcomed and included in visits, which I so appreciate.  He is always excited about going to see Dr. Wendy!

As my due date came and went, Dr. Wendy assured me of how normal that was.  She calmed my fears of having to be induced (as I was with my son, who was also "overdue"), by coming up with timelines and natural courses of action if I went far past my due date.

At 41 weeks and 5 days, I went into labor and our baby girl was born swiftly and safely, soon after our arrival to the birth center. 
Both Dr. Wendy and Hilary are incredible - they're knowledgeable, attentive and assuring.  The birth center is truly amazing.  It is the most serene environment I could imagine for giving birth in.  I am so thankful that our daughter entered into the world this way.

Dr. Wendy is also our Pediatrician now and if our family is blessed with another baby someday, I would see Dr. Wendy again without question.

We love you Dr. Wendy!

Savannah & David"  

Bevin & Sawyer
     "I had my second child at Kalista wellness with Dr. Wendy after moving here from out of state. She is an all around amazing doctor, and I/we could not have had a better experience. My children love her and get so excited to see her. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Wendy for anything from just children's visits to the entire birthing process."

Laurel & Bailey

     "I first came to Dr. Wendy when I found out I was pregnant.  She has been my doctor through the pregnancy, birth and is now both my and my daughter's doctor.  She is amazing!  Prior to finding Wendy I had always had a more conventional doctor, but was never satisfied with the level of personal care they provided.  Wendy is not only professional and skilled, but she cares deeply for her patients.
     While we had planned on having a home birth, we ended up having to transfer to the hospital because of a deceleration in my baby's heart rate.  The baby required the constant fetal monitoring that only the hospital could provide.  Wendy stayed with us during the entire experience.  Every time the OB asked me to make a medical decision, I immediately turn to Wendy for guidance.  I felt 100% confident in her to help me make the right decisions that reflected my wishes.  She also took on the role of doula and I don't think I could have done it without her, or at least not without pain meds!  She coached me through the entire experience
and kept me focused and in control of my body.  I almost had a C section three times during the labor, but with her help I was able to have the natural, unmedicated birth I wanted for my daughter.  
     I can't say enough about how wonderful Wendy is and how much confidence our whole family has in her to look after our health.  She was born to be a doctor and will touch the lives of anyone who chooses her for that so important role."

Jillian & Penelope
     "When I first met Dr. Wendy I was newly pregnant and eager to begin the prenatal journey. I instantly felt a connection with her and felt so comfortable in her presence. Unfortunately, my pregnancy ended in miscarriage. 
Wendy, however, left a lasting impression on me...so much so that when we became pregnant again, there was no doubt in my mind that Wendy would assist with the prenatal and birthing experience. She provided exceptional care, honesty, and knowledge to my husband and myself throughout the pregnancy and delivery. 
Wendy assisted us in our (tiny) home with an incredible water birth experience. I felt so safe and loved. We thank God every day for our beautiful daughter, and we owe so much to Wendy. Thank you so much and we are so glad to see that your business is growing!"

Justine & Natalee

     "My experience with Kalista was amazing! Dr. Wendy was very attentive and made me feel very at ease. I had to bring my oldest daughter with me to all of my visits and Wendy involved her in everything we were doing. When it came time deliver everything moved quickly but I never felt out of control. Wendy guided me through my labor letting me rest if I needed it and coached me through my contractions. My little one ended up needing to be transferred because of reasons having nothing with labor and delivery and Wendy was right there making sure I understood what was going on. My overall experience was amazing and I would whole heartedly recommend Kalista Wellness & Birth Sanctuary."

Julia & Jane

     "Dr. Wendy was the perfect doctor and midwife. She is firstly one of those people you can tell were meant to care for others; on top of that, she seems to have all the intuition, knowledge, resources, and tools for which you could or could not even know to ask. My husband and I met with her in my third trimester having just moved into the area. Although she encouraged us to continue to interview and thoroughly explore our options (and actually helped educate us in how to make an informed selection), we felt so immediately at home with her we couldn’t imagine going with anyone else. She only exceeded our expectations.

Here are some of the things we really liked about her approach: She trusts the human body as well as her patients’ input. If things are amiss, she has about 20 different herbal remedies or techniques to sooth you back to health and a scale for how likely 
she is to resort to them. If these do not seem to help or the situation seems too delicate to wait, she has the authority and knowledge to prescribe or administer more conventional medications and is extremely well equipped in an emergency (for which we are deeply grateful). Beyond that, she has no ego trip or agenda to keep you from the hospital if you need it. We also really appreciated how she charges for midwifery services; everything about her practice made us feel like we were treated generously and conscientiously.

Wendy is an incredibly proficient professional in all situations and yet openly and warmly connected with us through all the excitement, waiting, frustration, pain, concentration, grief, intense suspense, and utter joy of pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. I remember my husband asking her how well she handled paranoid dads; the communication and trust between her and him were paramount in his feeling secure enough to have our daughter at home."

Meadow & Kajsa

 "I have sat down many times in  the past  few weeks trying to find the right words.  Pages upon pages and still nothing gave justice to what Wendy did for us the day our daughter was born.  Finding the words to describe how she forever changed our life has turned out to be quite difficult.   She touched our lives in a way others may never understand. We are eternally grateful to have Wendy in our lives as well as extremely lucky.  In the end this is what I've decided on.

     Each time my daughter looks into my eyes I am comforted by this truth.  My husband and I created her but it was Wendy who gave Kajsa her first breathe. She shared her breathe with Kajsa giving life back to her.  Without Wendy's love and devotion we would not have this precious child in our lives. 
Thank you Wendy for our daughter.   

You will forever be in our thoughts!
Meadow and Jon"

Lindsey & Elijah


    "What a Wonderful Birth! Wendy is Amazing! She made me feel empowered throughout the birth process. The nurturing environment, loving care and support was exactly what I needed. Our Family is forever thankful for Wendy. 

With Love, 
Lindsey, Dow, Nailah, and Elijah"
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